Specialty Clinic Schedule

We work with a variety of physicians to bring specialty care to Wamego.  Our Specialty Clinic is housed within Wamego Health Center.  When you schedule an appointment with your specialty physician, ask to be seen in our Specialty Clinic.

Specialty Providers Clinic Dates For Scheduling
Opthamology (eye)

Thomas Ashley, MD
Opthamology, PA

April 785-233-2280
Nephrology (kidney)

Fadi Bedros, MD
My Kidney Center

April 785-565-9500
Cardiology (heart)

Kevin Bernd, DO
Cotton O'Neil Heart Center

April 785-270-4100
Oncology (cancer)

Eric Carlson, MD
Cance Center of Kansas

April 785-320-5725
Gastroenterology (gastrointestinal tract, liver)

Travis Dierenfeldt, MD
Gastrointestinal Cosultants of Manhattan

April 785 539-0156
General Surgery

Hank Doering, MD
Surgical Associates, PA

April 785-456-2295
Cardiology (heart)

Thomas Doyle, MD
Cotton O'Neil Heart Center

April 785-270-4100
Urology (urinary tract)

Laki Evangelidis, MD
Associated Urologist, PA

April 785-537-8710

Shane Frederiksen, DPM

April 785-825-0003

Trevor Gaskill, MD
Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center of Kansas

April 1 (800) 555-7890
Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat)

Tyler Grindal, MD; Mary Wade, Audiologist
Topeka Ear, Nose & Throat

April 785-233-0500
Podiatry (foot, ankle, lower leg)

Kenneth Hobbs, DPM
Primary Podiatric Medicine

April 785-271-5176
Cardiology (heart)

Priyantha Ranaweera, MD
Orthopeadic and Sports Medicine

April 785-539-4644
Neurology (nervous system)

Wade Welch, MD
Topeka Neurology, St. Francis

April 785-795-7878