Visitors play an important role in helping patients recover, and Wamego Health Center welcomes family and friends to visit with patients during their stay.

Please note:
  • Visitors are welcome at any time.
  • The main entrance is open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Visitors should use the Emergency Department entrance during the overnight hours.
  • The patient may choose who can visit them regardless of whether the visitor is a spouse, domestic partner, family member, friend or another type of visitor.
  • The patient may choose a support person to act on their behalf. A support person means a spouse, domestic partner, family member, friend or other individual who is at the hospital to support the patient during the course of the patient’s stay at the hospital and may exercise the patient’s visitation rights on the patient’s behalf if the patient is unable to do so. The support person may, but need not be, an individual legally responsible for making medical decisions on the patient’s behalf.
  • The patient has a right to change their mind, at any time, on who will serve as their support person and about who may or may not visit.
  • Wamego Health Center may impose justified clinical restrictions on a patient’s visitation rights when the restriction or limitation is necessary to provide safe care to the patient or other patients.
  • If a patient believes that his or her patient visitation rights have been violated, he or she may file a complaint using the hospital internal grievance system.
We also ask that you consider the following:
  • If a patient’s door is closed, please check at the nurses’ station before entering the patient’s room.
  • If you have signs of a flu or cold, please reconsider visiting the patient and exposing them to additional illness.

Overnight stays by a visitor are allowed based on clinical discretion. Please touch base and discuss with the nursing station.