An update from Steve Land, Administrator of Wamego Health Center

I wanted to give our community an update on how Wamego Health Center was keeping up with the recent changes. We knew long before this coronavirus outbreak that we had an extraordinary staff. That has been reaffirmed daily with this recent outbreak. The Staff at WHC is holding up tremendously well. Their ability to prepare and adapt to these changes has been impressive. It is truly an honor to work alongside these heroes.

WHC has partnered with Wamego Telecom to have the ability to provide our patients and visitors the ability to visit “virtually” with facetime. This allows our patients the chance to see their families and hear their voices, which is so important in their healing. We have also established a platform for virtual visits for you to see your doctor. This allows you to have a clinic visit without leaving your home or your car. We are blessed to have such a generous team at WTC to work with during these times.

The question of Personal Protective Equipment (gowns, gloves, masks etc.) has come up frequently. Do we have enough? Can we get more? The answer is we are adequately prepared for the current status of the outbreak. We are following the CDC guidelines for PPE usage to protect our patients and our staff but also conserve where appropriate. We are praying for a quick resolution to this outbreak along with our community. If it lasts for a longer period of time we want to be prepared with appropriate protection.

There have been volunteers asking to sew homemade masks within the community. This is such a generous offer of your time and talents to donate to our community. We don’t know yet how these donations will fit into our PPE usage, they may be used by patients at their home or as covers for staff masks to preserve the integrity. We are aware that other non-medical facilities or individuals may have a need for these items. If you have another source which can make use of these, please donate to them there.

Finally, we want to thank you. We understand that your sacrifices within your own homes are very real and very important to this fight. Social distancing while extremely uncomfortable provides our community the best opportunity to reduce exposure. Your diligence to safety and keeping your family healthy is an action that has already reduced the impact of this virus. Continue to be a pillar of strength to your family and let them know that they are also heroes in this battle.

Wamego Health Center is here for you with any needs that you have. If you have questions regarding Cornavirus please contact your primary care physician office. If you need care please know that we are here for you and always will be. May God bless you and your family.