May Mental Health Minute from Heritage Senior Behavioral Health

Building resilience in uncertain times:

  1. Adaptation and growth happens over time. There is no “one size fits all” way to cope.
  2. Resist judging yourself. Life has changed and your response to that change is not going to be the “normal” one right now.
  3. Realize that humans are built to be resilient. We are able to adapt and change, even when we think we may not be able to make it through. We figure out a way.
  4. Coping strategies that worked before may need to be updated. Get creative. Add to your emotional toolbox.
  5. Make small changes. They are easier to achieve and maintain, especially when so much outside of ourselves has shifted.
  6. Advocate for yourself. Everyone’s responses to stress and traumatic events are different. Allow yourself the space to cope however you need.
  7. Practice acknowledging you are doing the best you can in the moment.