Community Health Needs Assessment

Service to the poor is a primary value at Wamego Health Center in Wamego, Kansas. In FY2018, Wamego Health Center (WHC) contributed nearly $759,400 in community benefit; this included $51,160 specifically to community benefit initiatives. Some examples of ways WHC has contributed include:

  • Provided physicians and other clinicians to treat Community Health Ministries’ Clinic patients who are low-income or uninsured and unable to access specialists or other health related services
  • Offered a free sports medicine clinic and concussion awareness program to all USD 320 athletes
  • Provided the support of Licensed Clinical Therapists to Community Health Ministries’ Clinic clients
  • Helped to coordinate the initiative of Get Fit Wamego
  • Participated in the Senior Resource Fair by providing glucose and blood pressure checks
  • Participated in the Health Professions Summit hosted by Kansas State University promoting health care careers for high school and non-declared major college students
  • Hosted and facilitated Diabetes Support Group meetings to encourage compliance with health care protocols (e.g. diet and exercise)
  • Provided a presentation on health eating and exercise for cardiac health to the TOPS membership group in Manhattan, KS
  • Provided security transportation of patients to state mental hospitals when they have been brought into the ER and determined to be a danger to themselves or to others or if they needed more specialized medical treatment
  • Examined and treated victims of human trafficking in collaboration with Homestead, the rehabilitation program for these victims
  • Conducted and hosted focus groups for the 2018 CHNA effort

In 2018, in collaboration with community partners from Riley and Pottawatomie Counties, Wamego Health Center conducted a county-wide Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).  The primary purpose of the CHNA was to identify priority healthcare, wellness and prevention needs which are best addressed by community health agencies working collaboratively.  We are fortunate to have a strong relationship with our community partners who are committed to this valuable work.

The CHNA took into account community demographics, socio-economic factors and health service utilization trends. With input from our community partners, we identified our community health goals for the next 3 years.

The assessment and formal report is in alignment with the federal IRS community benefit reporting requirements that affect all State-licensed 501(c)(3) hospitals.  The priorities identified in the assessment have been accepted by the Wamego Hospital Association and Wamego Health Center Board of Directors.

Community Health Needs Assessment 2020-2023



Community Health Needs Assessment 2018-2021

Wamego Health Center Implementation Strategy Plan 2018-2021

Wamego Health Center Implementation Strategy Plan 2021-2023




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